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Lawn Care Services and Programs

Proper lawn maintenance starts with good lawn care practices. We offer customizable programs and services to meet your lawn care needs and provide the best possible results.

Lawn Care Program
  • We offer 4-5 all dry fertilizer applications using controlled release nitrogen for our standard lawn care program

  • Weed control any time weeds are growing in your lawn

  • Pre-Emergent crab grass control in the spring

  • Control for annual grasses that come up in the summer

  • Monthly newsletter discussing lawn conditions in your area

Core Aeration

Core aerations provide many benefits to your lawn each season.

  • It is the only means of improving the quality of the 3-4” of soil your grass is growing in.

  • Aerating at least once a year reduces the rate of thatch build-up, and loosens the soil making it easier for the grass to grow new roots. It also improves air, water, and nutrient movement into the soil.

  • Topdressing with soil amendments after aeration will improve the water holding capacity of the soil and help reduce your water bills!

  • Add a core aeration to your lawn care program today!

Preventive Grub Control

You can’t prevent beetles from flying on to your property and laying eggs in your lawn. These eggs hatch into larvae that eat the roots of your lawn, causing the grass to die if not watered properly. This application is inexpensive

protection against the cost, labor, and watering that is necessary to replace just a 10x10 area of sod. We highly recommend adding this service to your lawn care program. Over 8,000 of our current customers are scheduled for the Grub Preventive application each year.

Additional Lawn Services
  • Control of most insect problems in your lawn

  • Preventive and curative fungicides for disease control

  • Pre-emergent control of weeds in landscape areas

  • Preventive and Curative chinch bug applications

  • Weed control only programs

Get a Free Estimate

Our lawn technicians will measure the lawn and evaluate its current condition. During your scheduled applications, they will comment on issues they notice in your lawn and provide timely advice and recommendations on how you can improve your lawn including watering and mowing tips. They will design a lawn care program to suit your needs.

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