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Our Lawn & Tree Care Programs

Lawn Care Program

We are committed to using a good all dry fertilizer program year round.

​By using appropriate rates of controlled release nitrogen, we can keep a lawn well fed with little to no risk of burn in hot dry weather. We use liquid weed controls because they invariably do a better job than a dry weed and feed. With a combined liquid weed and feed you risk burning the grass from applying too much fertilizer if you spray too heavy to control hard to kill weeds. The spring application includes pre-emergent crabgrass control.


We offer a flexible program of 1-5 fertilizer applications depending on the results you expect, your watering habits, and your budget. 


We provide our customers with monthly newsletters that give basic information about their lawn, seasonal problems lawns in our area are encountering, as well as guidelines on homeowner responsibilities including proper mowing, watering, and cultural practices. 


Tree Care Program

Our arborist  will create a custom tree care program based on your plant's needs. The tree care program consists of deep root fertilization combined with insect and disease control. Diagnosis of any problems your tree might be experiencing are also included in your tree care program.

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