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The Best Alternative in Professional Lawn Care Since 1984!

Lawn-Tech, Ltd. is a family owned business and is not a franchise or affiliated with any other company. We have been serving the southwest suburban area since 1984, and are owned and operated by Mark and Sue Spence of Tinley Park.
Why Lawn-Tech
Our professional experience combined with our ability to provide excellent customer service is what sets us apart from other lawn and tree care companies. We proudly service over 12,000 customers in the Tinley Park suburban area.
The majority of the properties that we service are residential lawns. We also service businesses, school districts, park districts, sports fields, townhouse and condo complexes, cemetaries, and local villages.
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Lawn Care Services

Tree Care Services

* All Dry Fertilizer Program

* Preventive Grub Control

* Core Aeration

* Weed and Insect Control

* Landscape Weed Control

* Organic Based Lawn Programs

* Diseased Lawn Programs

* Deep Root Feeding

* Insect & Disease Control

* Emerald Ash Borer Control

* Dormant oil

* Micronutrients

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